Chasing Kites is a nonprofit organization providing adoptive and foster families with educational, emotional, and financial support before, during, and after adoption.

Our Mission is three-fold:

    1. Roadmap available adoption and fostering options for those new to the adoption world.
    2. **There is so much to wade through. How much does each cost? Which programs do I qualify for? Can I really adopt from foster care? Is adoption right for me…for my family? And the list of questions continue. It can be overwhelming figuring out fact from fiction and where to even begin.

    3. Navigate the adoption process i.e. costs, concerns, timelines.
    4. **Although adoption agencies handle a lot of the logistics, they have many clients and may not always have the information families are looking for. Many people contact me every month with random questions like, “does this fundraising letter look good?” from someone who is adopting OR “should I expect termination of parental rights at our first court hearing?” from a new foster mom who has no idea what to expect. We will not replace an agency, but we will be available to answer questions and assuage concerns as they arise for those walking through the process.

    5. Online courses and trainings covering subjects such as trauma-related behaviors, adoption-related issues, after-adoption expectations, etc.
    6. **After the adoption, real-life begins. After the honeymoon phase, many families crash, many parents have no idea how to handle issues that arise. No matter how much training we do before, first-time families, especially, are left alone to navigate the aftermath of broken and grieving hearts. Others are caught off-guard when their pre-teen starts asking hard questions about birth families and abandonment and self-worth. No matter how open families have been from the beginning, things change as adoptees grow.

    1. Online COMMUNITY Group—this is for adoptive and foster parents only. This will be the primary mode of communication with those who have questions or concerns.
    2. **we add more social media as things progress, but in the beginning we will use Facebook, Google Hangouts, and our blog.

    3. Live Hang Outs—as part of this online community we will hold regular meetings starting once a month and moving to more frequent, if needed. Family members and friends of the group will be allowed to join these, but not allowed into the private group. This will help educate and promote understanding of all involved.
    4. **This is a where we will answer questions posed in the group and gather information for future trainings etc. We will also interview adoptive/foster families that have struggled with specific issues relative to the group and topics on the agenda. Highlighting successes and missteps of real families is so important. Our goal is to help keep families together.

    5. Host a yearly conference for adoptive and foster families
    1. Scholarships for Adoptive Families.
    2. **details will be set on this later, but for now, any family who needs help covering current adoption costs may apply.

    3. Child-matching mission trips to Colombia
    4. **Although we are not an adoption agency or child-matching agency, we plan to give back to our children’s Colombian community by helping fund trips that will help children in remote parts of the country find families.


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