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Chasing Kites in Bogotá

Chasing Kites in Bogotá

Whether navigating blended family relationships, parenting “trauma” behaviors, or dealing with the never-ending uncertainties of foster care, we get it. This work takes effort, determination, and strength. It can rarely be done alone, successfully.

This is where Chasing Kites comes in. We provide resources and trainings that help families build healthy relationships that matter. And when that isn’t possible, we are here to support you through it.

Are you currently an adoptive or foster parent? Are you thinking about adopting or foster parenting? Are you trying to blend a family of any kind? Then you are in the right place. Whether you are starting a family, adding to your family, or parenting your existing family, we are glad you are here. Let’s build relationships and heal hearts. Together.

Our own family is blended through international adoption, foster care, and fertility treatments. We have four children from Bogota, Colombia, three from foster care, and one little bio caboose through IVF. We get it. Let’s navigate the winding paths of adoption and foster care together.


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