Jessie Gallaher

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Jessie is a wife, writer and an advocate for foster and adoptive families. She has a background in psychology and in working with adolescents. She maintains a Facebook page ( which seeks to inspire others to lean on their faith and improve their perspective. When it comes to outlook, she would love everyone to remember that “It’s a choice to focus on what is going wrong. It is a better choice to count your blessings.”

Jessie is a mom to five adopted kids. They have redefined what love means to her, as she now understands at a deeper level how much work love can require. Though life can be difficult at times, she maintains faith that all things are possible with God, and therefore continues giving her best effort to overcome each obstacle as they come.

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There I was, in the middle of a crowd, realizing how alone I felt. Life after adopting a sibling group was heavy, and I didn’t know how to share the load. I’d failed to connect with outside friends and family in previous attempts, and was scared to try again. However, deep inside, I knew that fear should not be my deciding emotion. Fear wouldn’t be the reason I stayed quiet and alone. So, I focused on my hope for something better, instead. I prayed a while, and heard God’s urge for me to open a window that allows others to see inside our trauma family. It felt clear that He would use our chaos and adventure to let others see how to better understand, relate to, and support the trauma families around them, so that no one in adoptive transitions should ever feel alone, especially in a crowd.

When my husband and children gave their blessing to share the excitement and devastation of our first year as an adoptive family, I felt affirmed. They all wanted something different for other children in similar circumstances, just as much as I wanted something different for other moms like me. As a family, we worked to recall every intense low and heartwarming high of our transitional year, and we invite you to both laugh and cry with us through our story. We don’t claim to be better or worse than any other family, but the context of our experience will bring light to a style of family that should no longer be feeling forgotten.

Many Thorns, Yet Still Roses is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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Praise for Many Thorns, Yet Still Roses:

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What you need to know before you offer what you think is sound advice…you really don’t know before you read this book!

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I highly recommend this book to anyone considering adoption or anyone who would like a glimpse into a world often hidden from view.

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Thank you for having the courage to live this journey with your beautiful family, the strength to follow where God is leading you and the bravery to share your story.