away, and back again

How sad that our first Famiversary happened while I was away for the summer with the kids. No computer access. No daddy. No nothing. I do have some pics and video that I will post of the day-after. My mom and sis made brownie sundaes for us as we skyped Adam from the lake on my mom’s laptop. I guess that is how we roll around here, anyway. Adam and I live under the usual assumption that every single day we have with our children is a gift, and so we don’t typically make such a┬ásuper huge┬ádeal about birthdays and celebrations in general. Heck, three of our five anniversaries have been spent traveling in a car to Utah for 4th of July. In fact, our first anniversary is the only one we have truly “celebrated.” Why am I writing about this? Not sure. Whatev!

There is lots I have written in my mind this summer-coming soon. We are finally in our house, and I finally have computer access. FINALLY! I feel like a coming of age is afoot in terms of fertility for me. It’s an exciting time in my relationship with myself, my husband, and my children. Can’t wait to catch up on all of my adoption buddies’ blogs too. I am sure there was much fun to be had by all of the Colombianos this summer.

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