I am not sure if you are supposed to take children out on the first day, but we did! As we walked back to the hotel from getting some lunch, Daniela kept complaining about her feet hurting. I checked her shoes and they were way too small. Ezzy also had some foot pain also. Since we wanted to get them shoes anyway we decided to walk over to a row of kid stores we had seen a few days before. This was their very first experience in a store where they picked something out just for themselves.

Ā Each child picked out a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of dress shoes. Daniela went first and as the girls from the store brought four or five pair for her to choose from, her eyes got really wide and she didn’t know what to do. Our children are used to community clothing and one pair of shoes. She finally picked the tennis shoes she wanted, and her eyes got really big with excitement. Then came the formal shoes. The workers brought three very cute and very girly pairs of shoes out for her to choose from. And well, she shook her head no at all of them. She pointed to her tennis shoes and didn’t want to take them off. My mom and I were thinking, “hmm, we know she’s a girly girl, and what girly girl doesn’t want two pair of pretty shoes?” Obviously, she was afraid (and they each did the same thing with their turns) that she would have to give one pair up to get another.

Finally, we got her to understand that she gets dos pair of zapatos. Daniela’s eyes got really big and she said, “hmm?” Oh man, what a precious moment. Mom and I were both on the verge of tears.

For those of you preparing for a trip to Colombia, kid shoes like most things are not cheap. We spent around $500 for eight pair of new shoes. Yeah, that is more than I spend on my own wardrobe in a whole year!!! It is a difficult thing because we had no idea what their actual shoe sizes were, and I did not want to carry extra weight in our luggage that may or may not have fit. Just a heads up.

We will definitely be Target shoe shoppers for the next few years. šŸ™‚


The rest of our first day together went well. We ate dinner at Zuetana, and we all slept in the same room. The girls were originally going to put theĀ sleep in grandma’s room, but they decided to share beds so we could all sleep together. I don’t think the first day felt very real. But at the same time, it didn’t feel fake. It just felt comfortable. And it was our only day with no meltdowns, so I like to revisit it often and smile.



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