7073I HATE FedEx Kinkos! I think I can really say that I HATE FedEx Kinkos–not every FedEx Kinkos, just Logan FedEx Kinkos!!! As the above picture indicates, we have many things to mail every week. We snapped this pic on one of our mailing excursions. Now, it’s not the actual shipping that I hate. I find it quite enjoyable checking my ‘adoption to-do list’ off each time I send a package. This week, alone, we sent something to Nevada, Virginia and Washington Secretaries of State, National Passport Center, and the FBI. I checked lots of my list. Wahoo! 

It’s the “ever so slow, ineffecient, obtuse, and cranky service employees” that I can’t stand. Most of you know I am very good at waiting my turn. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt not once, not twice, but three times before passing judgment. This time Adam and I both had had it. I think we actually rolled our eyes at each other and laughed right in front of the lady (a few times).

Come on FedEx counter checkers! Could you be a little kinder, a little faster, and a little more interested in the service of your clients. If we didn’t have to have an account with you for various adoption mailings…I would sooooooo go to UPS. That’s right, you heard me, UPS, UPS, UPS! The Logan UPS store is fabulous at customer service. Too bad neither store will ever see this post.


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