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You know how God moves through your life imperceptibly most days? I mean, you know he’s there, but don’t give much thought to his soft, graceful movements as they gently course correct you along your daily path. Yeah, me too! Even though I am deeply rooted in faith, I often forget that my life is being daily directed by something bigger than myself.

But sometimes we get pushed, hard! Forget the gentle nudging…

God gave me a push two months ago. It was actually more like a fist right to the middle of the back, thrusting me wildly forward. There was no mistaking the push and from whence it came. Kind of like, “Rachel, I NEED you to hear me. Stop getting in your own way. Focus on Me and I will show you EXACTLY what I need you to do.” So I shut up. And He did tell me.

The end result: I wrote my first book!

I have actually wanted to write it for a long time and life (that whole eight children thing) just seemed to always get in my way. Soft whispers and gentle jabs weren’t cutting it! So God pushed, and I responded. Life isn’t going to ever slow down and I have really important things He needs me to do.

This first book details my story from infertily and loss to family and beyond. Subsequent books will focus on helping those who want to foster or adopt, and perhaps even more importantly, will also focus on post-adoption and foster help. Resources, stories, curriculums, my ear. You name it, I’m here!

We are revamping this blog to accommodate the changes. Hoping to help many who seem hesitant to make the leap, lost in the process, and struggling in the aftermath of Adoption and Foster Care.

How is God moving through your life right now? Is he softly blowing whispers your way hoping you’ll swiftly correct your course? Or is he rushing through your window like a strong spring windstorm trying desperately to get your attention? What does He have for you to do? I guarantee there is something.

All I can say is continue to Look Up. Expect Miracles. Cause miracles will and do happen!



  1. Rachel I am writing a book using a rock and a penny to parallel how it is for foster children to be taken from their blood family and put into foster care. When I finish this book, I would like you to have a copy. Marjie Taylor

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