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Yay! We can now officially start counting days. We met with the child defender at Bienstar on Tuesday who’s job is to check and monitor the bonding process, and to see if we/the kids want to continue with the adoption. And the kids actually want to stay with us!¬†But then again who wouldn’t? We are pretty awesome. ūüôā Apparently we have a good court–meaning fast. But it is a court that doesn’t give us any updates on the process until the judge has signed off and finished the process. At least it’s not a slow court. Ximena said that it should be about four weeks from this past Tuesday. That puts us at around 9 September. It could go a little slower or a little faster, but we’re hoping for that date or sooner. Ximena asked him to hurry it along since there are four children cooped up in an apartment, but there’s no guarantee. After we get the go-ahead it takes about three days to get passports, visas, etc. So we’re hoping to be home by mid-September.

Anyway, today we had a visit from the staff at CRAN to check on things and answer any additional questions. They are truly amazing. Each child matters to them, and they have offered/given us all the support we need while in-country. The visit went pretty good. In fact, it went better than expected. All of the children except Princess Daniela reacted positively to seeing them. And the whole time Ximena and her team were here they played really well.

Daniela got very quiet when she realized they were actually gathered in the living room and staying. My mom and I looked at each other and instantly knew we were headed for a meltdown. But this meltdown was out of sheer terror. She couldn’t understand why they were here, and she thought they were possibly taking her back. Can you imagine? What would it be like to be her? Mom was crying. I was crying inside, but I had to keep it together for the little one. She did let me sit by her and stroke her leg. The psychologist also came and sat by here and talked to her, but she pretty much cried the whole visit.

Our friend, Daniel, was with us for extra translation support–he’s amazing–and so we had him talk to each of the children after¬†the CRAN crew left. We told Daniel about taking showers by himself instead of with the other children. We had him tell Ezzy that we are so proud of how good she has been. We¬†told Juan P. about not hitting mommy and what the consequences are for acting out. And then we had him tell Princess Priss that she never ever has to go back to Club Michin. We¬†told her that she is ours forever and ever no matter how bad or good she is–she’s never going back. After Daniel told her all of that she was up and playing with us within 30 seconds.¬†

The other children “seemed” unaffected, but I think it got Ezzy a little too because after¬†everyone left she was very quiet and sullen during siesta, so daddy snuggled with her and she was fine. Maria Cristina also talked to the children about daddy having to go back to work next week. So they know that he is leaving, and they took it okay for now. We’ll see how they do Wednesday night and Thursday once he is gone. At least my parents are here for a couple of days after so they can transition a little easier.


  1. What an emotionally challenging day – especially for Mom and Daniella (and Grandma)! You are so strong and gracious. You knew this challenge was going to be difficult but you proceeded forward with love and courage, ready to take on the unknown. Only time and patience will help the children feel secure in your love — but that day is coming! You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly.

  2. Wow! what an emotional day! This has to be scary for the kiddos too! Poor Daniela!
    We will remember all of you in our prayers!
    I am so glad that you have a fast court!!! When we get on the computer Carter now asks to see Adam and Rachel!
    Get home soon!

  3. My girls ask to see the Columbia kids too! You are in our prayers, I wish I was there to help translate for you. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be one of your little ones, who have experienced so much heartache at such a young age. They are so blessed to have you and Adam!

  4. You aren’t going anywhere kiddos you are stuck with us!!! I couldn’t even imagine seeing that you are definatley a strong woman to hold back your tears for that girl. I would be right there with mom but you always have been the strong one. I am sure you had to be that rock for me more than once. I want to thank you for that I loved you as my big sis you were very good at it. And that is why I know you will be a terrific exceptional mother.

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