random musings for 2009

The ninos’ English exploded over Christmas break. They are busting out phrases and sentences every day now. And they are always telling each other, “good English.” Juan P. told me today, “mommy, good choice!” when I was rearranging the furniture. Daniel, our eight year old, brings me a book every day now asking me to help him read it. He knows all of his letters and sounds, and probably has 20 sight words down. He learns more words every day. In fact, Danny told me the other day that his Spanish is going….He made the most adorable little gesture of words leaving his brain.

Ezzy and Nikki are both obsessed with ponytails and piggytails. They run around every morning asking me to put ponytails in their hair. Their hair is long enough that I can sit down and do it now, which is fun. And they are acting more like carefree little girls–especially Ezzy. They sit for hours in front of my hair brushing it and playing with it. That brings back memories of my childhood.

Tonight, Adam, Juan Pablo, and I go to the psychologist. Wompies is the only one that probably needs some immediate and intense counseling. One out of four isn’t bad, right? But talk about expensive!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the first time that both of us will have the chance to sit down with her and see what her assessment is of the past few weeks. The other children will still see her, just not as often. I am adamant that we get as many memories preserved as we can before they lose all of them.

Things Adam and I hope to accomplish with the children this year:


1. fluency in English for all the children

2. Danny and Ezzy reading chapter books

3. Nikki and Juan P. memorizing sight words and reading beginning readers


1. a two-night backpacking trip

2. introduce the kids to kayaking

3. Descend Keyhole canyone with at least the Grandes (aka– Danny and Ezzy)

4. Get kids fully comfortable being on the ropes (going up and going down)


1. Three week summer extravaganza including: visiting family in Washington and California, checking Yellowston NP off our list, visiting Cami and Ted in Wyoming, visiting Amy and Steffan in Denver, and participating in Portland’s Relay for Life in honor baby George

2. Swim Lessons

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  1. Sounds like an AWESOME summer. Since I’m involved a little bit. If it didn’t include a visit to the northwest I might not think so. 🙂

    Your kids are doing Fantastic! I’m so amazed with you guys. I know it has been a lot of work. But I love how much joy it brings to you.

    Miss you.

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