the last step…

102105This Friday we have our very last assignment, we think! We get fingerprinted, once again, in Salt Lake City. From that point we only have to wait about two weeks for our I-171 (immigration approval). At that point we send our completed dossier to Colombia and WAIT. Our caseworker, Raul, walked us through the timeline yesterday. We are completely overwhelmed. If everything stays on schedule, we could have travel authorization by the beginning of May. What that means for us is that we could be on a plane as early as Memorial Weekend. It really depends on how quickly we can get our travel visas from San Franscisco. Regardless, we will be in Colombia very shortly.

We also got an update on the children this past weekend. Esmeralda broke her arm while playing~poor thing. Maria Daniela is really shy, but after about two weeks or so she warms up and is the sweetest little girl. Both Daniel and Juan Pablo are very anxious to be placed with a family. They have all four been in the institution for over a year now. Other children are going to families and they are left wondering, ‘why not us?’

Because of this, the children’s caretakers called to see if we could send our photo albums ASAP. WHAT??? I thought we¬†didn’t have to have those done for a couple of months. Adam and I have scrapped our hearts out the past few days getting their albums ready. Tomorrow we will overnight them to FLorida, and our caseworker will forward them on to the orphanage.

My heart sings when I think of the children finding out about a family who wants to take care of them. Hopefully, the albums will give them a little relief and something to look forward too. We are in the process of taking pictures of the albums. I’ll post our scrap session as soon as we get it together. Yes, you will see Adam scrapping…that also makes my heart sing!!!


  1. I am so excited for you guys! I can’t believe how soon this actually is! I am sure that they will be thrilled to see the family that they are going to come become a part of. Yeah for Adam for Scrapping with you! We have such great husbands! I can’t wait to roll my eyes as they sit and talk nerd!
    I can’t wait to see your albums!

  2. I’m glad we can be such a help in this process! It makes me happy to know that I can help in some way. It was also fun to get Einstein bagel breakfeast sandwiches that morning too, I don’t do that anymore but on trips it’s “okay”! Anyway I can’t wait to meet those adorable kids and I can’t believe how close it is too!

  3. I love the way you have documented each step along this difficult, exciting and rewarding path.

    I wonder how Esmerelda is going with her arm!? Have you heard anything?

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