Just a picture of our favorite and fabulous ‘traveling notary’ Wendy schmoozing with Dr. Welter. We had to get two doctor’s notes per each of us notarized and then apostilled by the state. It’s crazy stuff I tell you. One simple physical and letter took us two and a half weeks to complete…to no fault of our doctor. The Specialty Hospital had a notary, but her commission expired. Dr. Welter, the sweetheart that he is, took the letters to his bank to accomplish the task for us but their notary was not there. Finally, we realized that our quasi-friend Wendy was a notary. What a blessing. She met us on her lunch with a stamp and a smile. If we had to hire someone to come in, it would’ve cost us $20 plus travel time. We also have to get our psych evals notarized and Wendy said she could help with that also. Thank you, Wendy!!!

Alright, kids…this is just one example of how much we want to bring you home. I can’t wait to tell you the whole story someday. We love you very much.


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