541We landed safe and sound. I snapped a couple of pics standing in the immigration line. The TACA flight attendents were very cordial and professional. Mom was so impressed that they would ask her if she wanted the whole bottle when they would pour her soda. And the breakfast was actually really good. (no red bean anything on this flight, Taiwan teacher friends) The flight to Costa Rica was on a brand new plane so it was super comfy. All in all, despite the luggage snafu and the frequent flier mishap, we would recommend TACA.

The immigration line was long, but moved quickly. We were through immigration and customs and to our shuttle within 45 minutes of landing–not bad! My very first impression of the city when walking out of the airport was “yeah, this is nice.” It was cool, but not cold. It was green and mostly clean. And I knew I was only a few minutes away from wherever in the city my children were. 🙂



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