In reference to my previous post “friendship and pregnancy” let me dispell any rumors. I’ve had a few inquiries as to who it is…and some false guesses. Sorry, but my ‘friend’ will continue in anonymity for as long as she needs. Lucky for me that my circle of friends and family is wide enough that there are many of us with fertilitiy issues (unfortunately). Many of us are trying to conceive and/or adopt. This is the only reason I felt confident in posting this entry and protecting my friend’s privacy at the same time.

I love that my cirlce of friends continues to expand…high school, college, teaching, scrapping, church, Taiwan, Washington, Las Vegas, and Utah friends are all so amazing. Thank you for letting me into your lives. You surely enrich mine. Perhaps, in a couple of months, I’ll be able to make an announcement about my friend and shout it from the mountain top. But for now–you shall all remain in suspense.

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  1. Well no matter who it is I am so glad to have such a great sister like you who is so strong and so loving. I love that you love me especially in my not so loveable times! Thanks for offering your help in watching out kids so Brian and I could go on this trip, I know it’s a long time but I also know you are probably excited to have a 11 month old ALL TO YOURSELF for a week in a half!!! I love you and I know that heavenly father will bless you with your bundle of joys very soon! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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