a saturday at maloka


This past Saturday’s excursion was to Maloka–a hands-on science and technology center. It’s touted as the best on the continent. We were impressed, and the kids had a lot of fun. It’s a lot like the Seattle Science Center, which I love. Although there was noone on staff that spoke English (and you know how our Spanish is) we figured out where to go and what to do. The employees were all very nice and helpful.

There is an I-Max on the campus, which featured three or four different shows. We let the kids pick which one, and they chose Vertigo. I am quite sure they didn’t know what was going to happen or they would not have chosen that one. Oh well, Adam and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since this was the children’s first time in an I-Max theatre (and quite possibly any type of theatre), we soaked up every “uhhh” and “oh” and “what, what” they spoke. It was AWESOME. Once the room went pitch black, I quickly ended up with Daniela on my lap. She was genuinly scared the whole time. The sound was pretty darn loud, and I don’t think she liked feeling like she was actually on the roller-coasters. Adam ended up with little dude on his lap, but he actually sat through the whole thing not seeming too scared.

The big kids were a total riot. They sat in their own seats and pretended to be too big for us. Anyway, Ezzy loved the whole thing–she didn’t seem scared or bothered by it at all. But Daniel was a different story. He pretended to not be scared, but when the scary parts came he was curled up in his seat clinging to his sister. He is such a tender baby at heart, but he has such a hard time showing it–unless he’s in the mood, like all of us. Whatev!!! His loss was the little kids’ gain. 🙂

All in all, we had a great time. We really wanted to head to Monserrate in the late afternoon, but weather once again did not cooperate. Also, for those coming to Bogota to adopt, we totally recommend this trip. We would have seen another movie at the I-Max, we liked it so much. Our family spent about three hours there. And it is pretty reasonably priced for a family outing.




  1. How fun! Once you get back we will all have to go to the Lied discovery museum!
    I am glad that you are getting some snuggles and enjoying being a family!
    Carter asked where you were again. We miss you!

  2. Cute pics! The kids look so happy…Can’t wait to have them here at our house hopefully in November!!! Congrats on the news you received today! YEAH…

  3. I think Ella looks like an adorable little doll in that cute denim jumper! 🙂 Super fun pics. Promise me I can come along on a field trip adventure when you get home.

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