Well, it wasn’t the Famiversary we envisioned, due to some health and vacation issues, but at least we were all “kind of” together. My mom and sister remembered our One Year Family Anniversary, and they had hot fudge sundaes waiting for us when we arrive in Utah. We were able to video call Adam on Skype, at least. I think the kids were just happy to get ice cream. For them it was just another party. Next year, when their fluency has increased, I think it will mean more.

My Las Vegas girlfriends sent up a care package with Jaime Lynne including a cake, and bubbles for the kids. And Jes remembered, of course. Thanks for remembering, girls! What a year it has been, huh? Those who have traveled this journey with us, and have seen the kids grow by leaps and bounds every week and month, know what our yearly milestones mean to us.

One year in, the kids are reading three and four letter words, in English. Bedtime routines are smooth (most nights). And behavioral expectations are usually met. I literally shudder when I think about the place from which the kiddos came, especially when I think about all of the little ones we left behind. But my sadness is somewhat assuaged by the happy beautiful home we have created for and with our ninos. They have rescued us, and they have no idea! Hopefully, one day they will understand what their joyful spirits have done to our hearts, and our home.

20232026I think I have a video. I will post it, if I can find it.


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