then and now

HANDSOME DUDES! 2006 fall 2008 fall 2010 GORGEOUS GIRLIES! 2012 fall 2008 fall 2010 What a difference two years make. The ninos are transforming into young men and women right before our eyes. Well, I won’t get carried away–Juan is definitely still a nino. ­čśë They each continue to brighten our home and our lives.… Continue reading then and now

two years later…

Danny…kind, sensitive, a joy to parent –you love building model rockets with your dad –you are super grossed out by your sister’s new bra –you are very serious and diligent about your school work * The most surprising thing about you is how easy you are to parent. Ezzy…goofy, sassy, ┬áhormonal –you are developing physically… Continue reading two years later…

1st famiversary

2019 Well, it wasn’t the Famiversary we envisioned, due to some health and vacation issues, but at least we were all “kind of” together. My mom and sister remembered our One Year Family Anniversary, and they had hot fudge sundaes waiting for us when we arrive in Utah. We were able to video call Adam… Continue reading 1st famiversary


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