two years later…

Danny…kind, sensitive, a joy to parent
–you love building model rockets with your dad
–you are super grossed out by your sister’s new bra
–you are very serious and diligent about your school work
* The most surprising thing about you is how easy you are to parent.

Ezzy…goofy, sassy, Ā hormonal
–you are developing physically way too “early” (we just got you šŸ™‚
–you are becoming more like mom every single day
–you are our biggest helper and hardest worker
*The most surprising thing about you is how much you Ā prefer to play with your brother and his friends…our little tomboy!

Nikki…sweet, chill, cute
–you are still in the little girl sweet phase, which we are glad about since you are eight (keep playing with your dolls)
–you are an outdoor rockstar, loving all things climby
–you love babies, of course, and still insist that you will be a baby doctor one day
*The most surprising thing about you is how athletic you are considering how much you prefer your skirt and pigtails.

Juan…smart, crazy, emotional
–you are almost on grade level, enjoying every moment of school
— you make friends very easily, and you LOVE to play with anyone no matter their age
–you have matured a ton, but still overreact when things don’t go your way…working on it
*The most surprising thing about you is how quickly you have picked up your schoolwork considering your rough start

HAPPY 2nd Anniversary to Us.
5 August 2010


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