a shower of love


Yeah, this was pretty much me all day. Our adoption shower was the most amazing thing that has happened so far on this journey. It was a culmination of so many things for me…the shower I always thought would be for a newborn, a celebration of life with friends and family, and the support and love of so many people in one place at one time. It really was brilliant! Not only was I overwhelmed by the outpouring of gifts and well-wishes, but also by the genuine support, love and excitement of so many people. Since it was more of a party for everyone than a girly shower…we were able to celebrate with all of our friends (even the boys). All of our Las Vegas friends were there–staying the whole time and creating a truly joyful experience for us. Adam’s dearest friends from his work came and showed their amazing support of our decision. Many people from church also gave generously to our little ones. And last, but not least, our families were there. My sister, Jaimee, and her husband flew down along with my mom. That meant so very much to us. We plan to have a party in Washington when we get the kids, so it meant even more that they came down.

A huge Thank You to Adam’s mom, Debbi, and his sisters for putting their hearts, time, and pocket books into the event. The house was decorated in Colombian colors, w/ delicious food and huge cake. One dish was even a Colombian chicken dish that Debbi made–yummo! We know how much work this party was to pull off, and we appreciate it so very much. We also must thank Jacque Martell–she opened her home for our party…she helped plan and let us invade her space all day Saturday. Thanks, Martells.

I’m not sure what else to say other than we are so appreciative. We hope for the opportunity to repay the kindess, generosity, and love that has been shown to us and our children. And, it was a total blast. I never knew a shower could be so much fun, seriously!



  1. For me, this was one of the highlights of our friendship. What a beautiful day!!! As we left the shower I kept thinking how valiant and important those four little spirits must be for the Lord to pluck them out of Columbia and place them in the hands of people like you and Adam who will raise them in the Gospel and provide a loving and stable home for them. It’s a true miracle. I feel privileged to witness it!

  2. What a great day! We love you guys and I am SO SO glad that I was able to snap that picture of Adam with the Lincoln logs! I can’t wait to meet your little “Mcfamily!”

  3. What an amazing celebration of love. You know each and every one of those people in your lives have been praying for a joyous occassion like this to occur in your lives. Life really can be beautiful.

    Wish I could’ve been there.

  4. I loved being there and seeing how happy you and Adam looked. Your faces were beaming with love and joy and it was so nice to be a part of it and around it! I’m glad we went it was a great decision especially at the last minute! Even if Brian lost our money in the hotel, well me a little but he made me do it;) jk anyway we love you guys and are so very happy for you!

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