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The coolest part of the first few weeks as a family has been to experience so many “firsts.” Since we missed your first steps and your first words, it is awesome to have that proverbial hole filled with quirky fun events that will never truly be “firsts” to most of us because they are common place events that we take for granted. Here are some examples:

 1. Water….that’s right, water. At 5, 6, 7, and 8 years old you are all thoroughly fascinated with it. Our first two days together as a family was dominated by it. “What do you mean, mom?” Well, first of all, you could not keep your hands out of the sink. The four of you would go back and forth between our two bathrooms for hours just playing in the sinks. We are still not really sure what you were doing, but we knew you were fascinated so we let you play. Juan Pablo and Daniela–you were the biggest culprates. You spent your days filling water bottles and cups to the brim, carrying them to the night stand, and then just watching the water for awhile. After it sat on the nightstand for a bit, you would pour the water into another glass or container and pass it around taking turns drinking and pouring–drinking and pouring. If we could not find you, we knew where to look…yep, the bathroom. HILARIOUS, and annoying! Wompy, you would get absolutely soaked, and then just smile like nothing was wrong. So you!!!

Second of all, you seem to never get enough water even though you drink it constantly. This last week has been much better, and you have all equalized a bit. We let each of you have a water bottle the first few days, and you thought that was the greatest thing in the whole world. Unfortunately, we had to abandon the idea for awhile because you had no impulse control…which made for very large messes in the kitchen and the bathroom, oh and the living room and bedrooms. I think you are getting better since you ask for permission now, and I do not have to hide our water cups anymore. Of course, after three weeks, you all understand that water will always be there and you can have it anytime you want. That helps. Daddy, grandma, and I will always laugh when we look back and think about “the water.”

2. Showers…well, I guess this is also a water topic, but of a different sort. Each of you took cold showers every single day while at the orphanage. That is nearly three years, and most of your little lives. I will never ever forget Ezzy and Daniela’s first shower as my daughters. Grandma Penning came running over to my room at Zuetana and told me to come quick. I asked what was wrong and she said that nothing was wrong, but that the girls were standing in the shower in their undies. By the time we got in there, you were both squirting each other with the cold water while screeching and freezing. After wetting yourselves down, you turned the water off and soaped up. Once your hair and bodies were covered with suds, you quickly turned the water back on and rinsed each other off. Grandma and I realized what was going on so we grabbed two towels and quickly dried your shivering bodies.

The next morning you did the same thing even though we told you that you didn’t have to shower. You all gave us a look of disdain and hopped in anyway. I guess since there was no hot water at Zuetana (except in room 6, apparently) we really didn’t have a choice. But the first time we had hot water in the apartment we introduced you to the idea. Daniela and Wompy tried it the first day and have never looked back. Esmeralda, you were a bit hesitant but by the third day, as you saw the little ones standing under the water and actually enjoying it, you converted. Daniel, well we all know you are the most hesitant in leaving the old behind. But after a week, you gave in. Now everyone loves mucho caliente as you call it. No more mucho frio (sp). I mean, if you want to take a cold shower, be my guest. But I love to watch you come out of your showers after soaking for a long time with happiness and content on your faces.


This post is turning out to be longer than imagined so I’ll just stick with the water theme for today. There are so many things that surprise me every single day. I knew that the children would come to us with less social intelligence, but it still surprises me when they do or say something that is completely unacceptable as a habit. They just don’t know any better, and they have never had a mom. They are growing and improving every single day. I am so proud of them. And I guess it is no different than my sister telling Spencer for the fifteenth time not to throw his cheerios on the ground or for Valerie to teach Carter not to spit milk on people in the restaurant (that’s my fav so far). Well, everyone is getting up from Siesta so we’ll sign off for now.


  1. I am glad that is is YOUR favorite! Sometimes I can just picture the wheels in his head turning and wondering what mom will do if I do…fill in the blank. Water is such a fascinating thing too! Carter loves to fill the sink and watch the ‘waterfall’ or take toy swimming. He still uses a sippy cup because he is so fascinated by simply dumping water, milk or juice onto the floor. We have only had one flood though!

    I am glad that you can experience some wonderful and not so wonderful “firsts.”

  2. When you build your family in the not so traditional way it is important to realize the events and celebrate them. It makes me think of celebrate Georgie’s birthdays. Not the traditional ones but still very important. 🙂 I love hearing about everything your family is experiencing.

  3. I love the water fascinations. I can relate so well. Adam LOVES to play with water. He will carry the house around the backyard for hours – nothing will keep him as busy as water will. I have water messes on a daily basis and soaked clothing changes every day. At least it is water and most everything will dry out. :)What fun memories you will have.

  4. Oh boy what is it with water and kids?!?! The other day I found Spencer on top of the island with the water on and ALL over the counter, yes he figured out how cool it is! I love hearing all these things the kids are going through and discovering it helps me feel like I’m there even though I’m not:( But Brian will be tonight as a matter of fact!!! I am so glad we are able to help you guys out! But it will definately be an interesting experience for Brian and well needed too I think! We love you…

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