I’m not really sure why these are the only pics Adam put in the gallery, but you get the idea. Adam and Grandpa Penning took the three oldest to our friend Ceci’s to go swimming a couple of days ago. Yes, it’s too cold to swim outdoors right now, and yes they did anyway. We’ve had unusual non-stop rain for this time of year the past week or so. It’s gray, cold, and rainy right now, in fact. Luckily, the complex’s pool is heated! There are actually a couple of different kinds of pools, and a sauna room. Both my dad and Adam had a good time playing with the kids.

Ezzy is our go-getter. She’ll try anything once, and she is good at almost everything she tries. She was the only one that would swim to the bottom of the pool and touch it with her daddy. The other two apparently got braver and braver as the afternoon went on, but were still a bit chicken. They did put their faces under though, and weren’t scared. That’s half the battle. Swim lessons are at the top of our activity list upon our return to Las Vegas. So is soccer team sign-ups and school. I think Daniela won’t want to play soccer, but I bet I can get her to do some type of dance or gymnastics class. Oh yeah, and they are all going to take piano. I know I need to ease them into everything, but they also need activity. Ezzy and Daniel are so full of energy, and they need a way to expend it.


On a side note, Mario–our English tutor– commented today on Juan Pablo.┬áMario said, “he is a different person.” I asked what he meant, and he said he is much calmer nowadays…more mellow. I told him we are slowly easing and growing into a family. He smiled, and said, “could you tell me your secret because I have a five month old who needs a lot of help.” That totally made my day. (Maybe I’m starting to do something right.) Mario has been working with the kids since before we arrived in Bogota so I value his observations on the children’s moods and behaviors.

Today, three of the four children earned an outing to pick out a soccer ball. They are so excited to go with daddy after siesta. Of course, they’ll have to play in the rain, but it wouldn’t really be soccer without a little weather to challenge them, right?


  1. YEAH for progress! I’m so glad to hear that Juan P. is doing better. I have no doubt that you are doing the right things with these kids. YEAH!! I’ll see you on Thursday!

  2. Here you are inexperienced parents and you’re doing all the right things! I’m so proud of you. It’s unfortunate that more parents don’t realize the importance of firm and loving discipline, the kind that uses consequences for good and bad behavior. “No! No! We don’t do that!” or “No! No! That’s not nice,” isn’t enough. Sounds like Juan P. was well on the road to being impossible, but you’re turning him around. Consistency isn’t easy, but it sure pays off! Kudos to you and Adam. Your children are beautiful and they couldn’t ask for better parents to guide them through life. Love you all!

  3. Yes, Justin really did say “how do many kids do they have?” ! So did you tell Mario you could send the missionaries over to share with him what we believe about families…

    I think that Justin and I have both taken Malia back into bed about 8 times tonight!

    Hope all is well!

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