I was reading a blog recently where an adoptive mom of eight just announced another adoption of two.  There has been some backlash from her circle of influence. She feels the questioning and finger pointing already beginning. And I take pause. We have yet to feel that from our own person circle. Well, at least, you have all been kind enough to question and judge behind closed doors. 🙂 Even still, I am left wondering what our friends and family will say when we announce that we are officially adopting again.

Adam has always been on board with the idea of more children. I, on the other hand, seem to be dragged kicking and screaming most of the time. So it stands to reason that when we adopted our second sibling group I was sure we were done. I only ever wanted five kids to begin with! Seven was a stretch to consider, but I knew the foster placement was right, whatever the outcome. So I plunged in, and now look.  I can’t imagine our lives without Jo Jo, Brian, and Annie. They are so fun, and they have woven seamlessly into our family dynamic. They are thriving in school, at church, and at home. I couldn’t ask for more. After their bio parents’ choices were made, they were meant to be with us.

We’ve been talking about “one more” adoption for awhile now. We have finally been approved through foster care for an adoption placement of ‘two more only.’ (yes, our licensing department is anti-big family….but what can we do?) We know that we could adopt internationally if we wanted a larger sib group. And there is the possibility of adopting out of state through ICPC…essentially adopting from a different state’s foster care system. We are not sure how it will play out, but the winds have begun to shift, and I can’t deny the change I feel coming to our family. Whatever that may look like.


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