when you choose to send a child back . . .

A mom (we’ll call her Natalie) contacted me a few months back. This almost-adoptive mom and I had never spoken before. When I answered the phone, she was sobbing. It took a few moments to understand who was calling and why. This mom was at her wit’s end. She said, “Rachel, I don’t know you… Continue reading when you choose to send a child back . . .

deep waters

I’ve been thinking for a couple of months now how to put our foster experiences into words; how to do them justice. We have had such wonderful dealings with caseworkers and children and birth parents since we started a year and a half ago that I wanted to get the word out…that DFS is different… Continue reading deep waters

day seven update

Our initial growing pains seem to be subsiding. Thank goodness. I haven’t cried since Monday…that’s a very good sign. I know we will have more in the future, but the new children are blending into our routines very well–better than expected, actually. Joey’s chore is to sweep under our table after each meal. He is… Continue reading day seven update

ten more days

The TEN DAY countdown is on. A clarification to my adoption buddies: this is a referral out of the foster care system, here in Nevada. We are not completely sure of all the details…much like an international adoption referral. We will know much more after the HEART meeting on the 12th. If we are given the… Continue reading ten more days