what if

I wanted to try and have another baby. I mean, is that really so bad? Shutting the door makes so much sense. For so many reasons. And yet, I can’t stop thinking about it. All. The. Time.

the weight of the wait

I am currently waiting. Waiting to miscarry our last hope for another baby. These are the worst kinds of wait. I have experienced them before. The wait for something horrible to happen that one knows is coming, over which you have absolutely no control. But this time, with this wait, there is an extra heaving… Continue reading the weight of the wait

the final step…egg transfer

August 31st 2012….the day we had two little embryos implanted! Unlike egg retrieval, this procedure is relatively short and painless. Of course, I do use the word relative because I did have an ice cold speculum (yes, they ice it first) inserted so that a catheter could be inserted up into my uterus. That is… Continue reading the final step…egg transfer


OHSS is short for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. It is a complication that can arise when egg production is being stimulated. And yes, I got it. Doctor Fisch told me I was at risk for it with the amount of eggs I was producing coupled with how long they had me on the stim meds. But… Continue reading OHSS

little by little

–baseline ultrasound looks great. –no issues with any of the 25 vials of blood that were drawn from me…or Adam (although he only had two vials worth…punk!) –starting Follistem tonight and Luveris tomorrow. –next ultrasound…next Monday. –10 or 11 days from retrieval. We are calm around here…just waiting. Running a house with eight children leaves… Continue reading little by little