day seven update

Our initial growing pains seem to be subsiding. Thank goodness. I haven’t cried since Monday…that’s a very good sign. I know we will have more in the future, but the new children are blending into our routines very well–better than expected, actually.

Joey’s chore is to sweep under our table after each meal. He is the best sweeper in the house, and he’s only six. In fact, Nikki thinks it is the best thing ever because that was one of her chores. 🙂 He starts school tomorrow, and is chomping at the bit. That is a good sign too. Joey was in desperate need of boundaries and structure. Seven days later, he is no longer wandering around at dinner time. He is asking to say the prayer at meals. And he actually went right to sleep in his bed last night. He hasn’t done that for about 10 months now apparently.

Bri Guy is such a sweet little man. He is so far behind in language development, and in both gross and fine motor skills. However, there is nothing “wrong” with him. He is willing and eager to learn. He is still trying to figure out his role around here, but he is anxious to help. Bri climbed up on my lap the last two night for love and attention. I am almost positive that didn’t happen at all at the other house. It makes me feel good to see that we are doing something right. But it makes me feel even better to see him smile and laugh uncontrollably. I don’t think there was much joy in his life since he was abandoned.

Annie is snuggly and cuddly and adorable. She listens. She goes down for naps and bedtime without complaint. The first couple of days she wasn’t used to the whole nap thing, but she definitely still needs them…and so do I. There’s not much else to say about her. The only thing we are working on with her is asking politely. She isn’t used to asking nicely or having to wait for anything. But when we correct her she is compliant and amiable about it. That’s a really good sign. I am vigilant about dressing her and doing her hair without help from my girls. She is still learning to bond and attach to me as mom. Between those two things, and rocking her occasionally, I don’t think it will take long.

A huge thanks to everyone who has bought or provided clothing for us. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
We are working on blurring faces so that we can still post pictures now and again. We have a great photo of all seven from Halloween that we will post soon.

Our CFT (child family team meeting) is today in the afternoon so I should know more on Uncle’s status etc…we are, of course, hoping to adopt them, but we have also come to terms with the fact that we might just be foster parents to them while they transition to Uncle. Only time will tell.


  1. Hi Rachel,

    you don’t know me but I followed your blog constantly when you were adopting the Colombian ninos as my husband and I were then working through our decision to apply to adopt siblings from Colombia. We brought home our daughters this past February and it has been amazing and challenging and amazing again! I haven’t checked in for awhile and am very happy for you with your new journey to adopt more children. You and your husband are obviously wonderful people and wonderful parents and I wish you all the best. And I’ll keep following along!


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