We have had the Littles for over two weeks now. I just posted pictures on the family blog. You cannot see the new kids’ faces, but you can at least get an idea of how awesome they are. 🙂

We are still overwhelmed by the well wishes and love that has been shown to us. These Littles are perfectly made for our family. They complement our ninos in all the right ways. We have fallen fast for each of their personalities. And I have personally adjusted faster than I ever thought possible to seven children. It is actually pretty easy–knock on wood. And what I mean is, what is another three when you already have four. *slightly sarcastic, but mostly serious*

Going from zero to four was much more difficult. Even if you factor out the orphanage mentality, language barriers, and culture shock. It was still more difficult because I had only myself to worry about for years and years. Although Adam and I were excited and ready to make the leap into an instant family, there was much adjusting to be done on our end…not just the on ninos’.

This time around, though, I am already a mom. I have mommy routines and expectations. I have a mommy car and a mommy purse. I have a mommy mentality about everything. And I have four children who are accustomed to my mommy ways. So the three newbies are basically inserted into a culture that we have cultivated over the past two and a half years. They add to it, but it already exists. What we created with the ninos we are now extending with the Littles. Since the ninos are great at modeling my expectations, discipline is business as usual. That is huge. Example: We did not have to teach Joey to stand on the wall for time out. He had seen the other kids do it so when it was his turn, he knew exactly what to do. BLESSING!

I sure like being a mom. I am not perfect, but I try to be a reflective practitioner of my craft so that I continue to improve. It is pretty much the best job on earth. No matter how my children have come into my home, I am glad they are here, and that I get the opportunity to practice the mommy way!


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