seven to eleven to maybe eight

Okay, first thing’s first, we have made it to nine weeks of pregnancy. Yay! We had our final ultrasound before our big move, yesterday. Doctor Fisch couldn’t be more pleased with our progress. HB of 177, measuring in range, yolk sac not too small this time, umbilical cord visible, and we even saw fetal movement.… Continue reading seven to eleven to maybe eight

baby hope….in more than one way

8dpt= 53 14dpt=536 Our numbers are more than doubling… Doc thinks it’s one. So do I. Ultrasound= 8 March (Friday)…at seven weeks. —————————————- In other news. We’re meeting a sibling group of three little girls today. They are legally free for adoption, and have kind of fallen into our laps. We know there is one… Continue reading baby hope….in more than one way

how many did you say?

So…there is a group of five children that need a home. Yes, they are legally free for adoption. Yes, that would make our total kid count 12. Yes, we will still pursue having a baby. (Hello, frozen embryos!) And…Yes, we are completely crazy for considering it! *insert blog title for confirmation* The funny thing is,… Continue reading how many did you say?

all gaven :)

21622182 ME LOVE FOOD! 21972215 ME LOVE BATH! 21882191 ME LOVE CAMPING! (even when I’m sick) 21672173 ME LOVE MISCHIEF! 2179 ME LOVE BEING ONE!

over a month now

It is actually approaching six weeks (on Friday) since we picked up the new kiddos. WOW! It kind of feels like business as usual around here now. The exhaustion and emotion subsided long ago. It’s really really good. Working with DFS has actually been really great (knock on wood). Our opinion seems to be respected.… Continue reading over a month now

checking it all off

A big thank you to my sister and friends for rallying today. 1. Girls’ bedroom–check 2. Boys’ bedroom–check 3. Costumes–almost check…need to buy one costume 4. Boys’ clothes–check…realizing that I don’t have as many size XS as I thought Beds are made. Walls are decorated. Basics are purchased. And a gift for each nino. We… Continue reading checking it all off