6 ways to support a friend’s adoption

Recently, my sister and her husband traveled to Colombia to adopt their new son. Serendipitously, their adoption matched up with our dear friends’ who are also adopting from the same country. In fact, both families traveled at exactly the same time and are each still in-country waiting for their respective adoptions to finalize. Exciting, right?… Continue reading 6 ways to support a friend’s adoption

mr. falso–adoption and discipline

I would say that lying and whining have been the biggest hurdles we have come across the past month or two–across the board, with all four children. As the kids emerged into a new phase with us–I would say around Thanksgiving–instead of having major meltdowns and screaming tantrums, we started having more incidences of whining, pouting, and… Continue reading mr. falso–adoption and discipline

lovin’ the spanglish

I’ve meant to post our language progress for awhile now. It is going really well. Some mornings I wake up and notice that the children still speak Spanish and it really frustrates me. But most days I don’t even notice the Spanish chatter. New phrases are heard almost every day now. To give those of… Continue reading lovin’ the spanglish

la to lv, finally

1779 Well, after getting a good night’s sleep in LA (not really) we headed home to Las Vegas. However, what McCracken trip would be complete without a few stops? 🙂 First, we stopped for lunch in LA with my good friend, Marisa, and her three blond beauties….Lainey, Malia, and Lyndie. Lunch was awesome. We ate Mexican–for which… Continue reading la to lv, finally