So we are home from Colombia, and we have so much to share with everyone. But it will have to wait another day or two. Why? Oh, yeah because the children’s first day of school, yesterday, found them home with mommy not even 15 minutes after leaving the school!!! LICE! Yuck! I have mounds of laundry downstairs and four sleeping children who are covered in baby oil to suffocate the little buggers. The thing is is that grandma, daddy, mommy, and others brushed and bathed the children for weeks and never found a thing. And actually, Esmeralda is the only one who actually had anything in her hair when I did the treatments–poor baby. Nevertheless, I had to treat all four, which I finished at about 11:00 p.m. Thankfully, Adam helped get the beds made and vacuumed the floor for me.

The children can go back to school tomorrow. So far, Adam and I have no signs. I had Adam buzz the boys’ heads, which made it so much easier for me. And they are absolutely breathtaking. I know I could not make babies that beautiful. Adam almost buzzed his as well, but then he chickened out. Luckily, my neighbor and church friend stopped over last night. She made me feel much better by saying that her little girl has had it for a month…they are still battling it even after cutting her hair and multiple treatments.

Anyway, we have all our pictures downloaded. We are just in the process of re-sizing and uploading everything to our gallery. We have homecoming video and tons of photos to show off. The children should be able to go back to school on Thursday although the girls start track break on Monday–totally lame. At least Danny will get to go until Thanksgiving. He pouted all day about not being able to stay at school. He already adores his teacher!


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