I know I’ve been a loser blog poster this past weekend. And I’ve totally been a loser picture taker since Adam left. He would always upload and resize the pictures. I would do the writing and inserting. I miss having his help. I promise more pictures this weekend, but probably not before then. Whatever time we lost last week due to government inefficiency, we made up on Monday. I suppose when the heavens decide to bless you–the blessings keep flowing. We were actually able to get the last of our birth certs, get the kids’ passports, and see the embassy doctor all on Monday. It was a 16 hour day for me, mostly without the kids. I also had to fill out all of the visa paperwork (times four) by myself. Man, I miss Adam!!!

Brian (who is back in Utah now) and Jena have been such an amazing help. Jena accompanied us to the embassy yesterday to get the kids’ visas. Everything went perfectly and I am able to pick the visas up today at 3:30. YAY! Our flight is booked for Thursday afternoon, which puts us in LA around midnight. We’ll be arrive in Las Vegas Friday evening.

Right now we are at the Radisson for two night. We have a two room suite that is recently remodeled. The kids are in hog heaven. There are two flat screen tv’s and two bathrooms. Oh yeah, and a bathtub, which they went crazy over. The funniest thing about moving into the room was Daniel’s surprise when he saw the toilet paper roll: “mom, mom, look.” Mom: “Yes, Daniel, there is a sticker on the toilet paper roll. It’s really okay.” He couldn’t figure out why there would be a sticker there. I LOVE IT!

I promise, promise, promise more pictures in a few days. Jena and Brian have posted some on their blogs also.


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