Yeah, I knew our schedule would change, so why is it still a surprise? We loaded the children in a van with the intention of getting their passports today. But that didn’t happen, of course. I do have 12 copies of Esmeralda and Daniel’s new birth certificates. They are officially McCrackens!!! They think it is hilarious when they say their new last name. The two younger children’s birth certificates are housed in a different place with a much harder to work with staff. So the certificates that were supposed to be ready this morning will now “be ready” Monday morning. Wompy and Daniela can’t figure out why they don’t have new birth certs yet. And Daniela wants a new name. She wants to be called Nicole McCracken. We’ll see if she sticks with it once we are home.

We also have to get more notarized copies of the adoption decree–don’t ask. I could not be more dissatisfied with Commonwealth/Gladney if I tried to be. The in-country support has been difficult and confusing. Thank goodness for our translator, Daniel. I recommend him without hesitation. So that means that I will spend most of Monday running around without the kids again. Hopefully, cross your fingers, we will be able to get their passports Monday afternoon. We already pushed the Embassy Doctor’s visit back to Tuesday. There’s the slimmest of slim chance that they can still be seen Monday afternoon, but it totally depends on the morning.

What does all this mean? We might not get to come home until Friday. And plane tickets are way more expensive on Friday and Saturday. We’ll see.

Other than that, things are good. The kids are excited. And I am very grateful for Brian and Jena’s help. bureaucracy


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