sentencia, are you kidding me?

We got word yesterday afternoon that our Adoption Decree was out. What? Two weeks from our Bienstar appointment, and in Bogota nonetheless. That is two weeks faster than our projected “cross your fingers” date. It is unheard of, and we are thankful. We are very grateful to everyone here in Colombia that has given us support and tried to hurry things along. It doesn’t hurt that we were assigned to Court 3, and that we had four kids waiting–I think they took pity on us, as they should. But mostly, I think that everyone’s wishing, hoping, and praying spurred things along quickly.

The ironic part is that Daniel T. called me not 10 minutes after Adam’s plane took off for home. I couldn’t believe. I had just finished telling the kids that we might get to go home in two weeks, but probably three. They were okay with that, and they pretty much understand that daddy was waiting for them in Las Vegas. So when I started screaming, “Are you serious?” into the phone and crying and laughing and jumping they knew something was up. I yelled, “we get to go to Las Vegas” and I shook each of them. The kids were so cute because they started jumping up and down on the couches and yelling with me–even though they didn’t really understand.

So today, I was gone all day signing the decree and gathering birth certificates. Here is our optimal timeline and plan:

Friday–pick up birth certs and acquire Colombian passports

Monday–Embassy Doctor physicals in the afternoon

Tuesday–apply for children’s visas in the morning

Wednesday–pick children’s visas up

Thursday–fly to LAX

Friday–drive home to Las Vegas


Auntie Jena arrived today, and I am so happy. We painted the girls’ fingernails, and the kids love that she brought them new movies to watch. They have already been through three–granted they rarely watch the whole thing because they can’t keep their fingers off the buttons. Tonight’s picks were Ella Enchanted, Narnia, and Johnny Lingo. Jena also brought lots of goodies from our house and from our friends. New undershirts, cold cereal, more pj’s, new color books etc. Aunt Jaime and Uncle Rob sent musical cards with stickers in them. Yeah, thanks tio and tia–they won’t shut them off!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 And they went back and forth all night sharing the card–meaning each one gets a turn at holding it.

Our other Aunt Jaimee sent new white shirts and hair bands with Brian. The girls LOVE hairbands. And the boys take such pride in their Sunday clothes. I love it. Between Brian and Jena we are stocked up on paper and plastic products. It makes doing dishes much easier since we don’t have hot water in the kitchen–I know!

Wompy and Daniela have had an extra rough time since Adam left. I had an hour long screaming session last night with princess, and a 45 minute one tonight with little dude. Ezzy gets really quiet sometimes and clings to me. I don’t think she’s letting me out of her sight now. Daniel cried a little when Adam said good-bye, but Uncle Brian is here and that helps tremendously.

Oh, one more first: the girls asked to read books in their room before bed. We’ve tried reading to them, and they are finally starting to take to it. They mostly like to sit and make up their own stories since none of them can actually read yet. It was absolutely adorable watching the girls in each of their beds reading. Daniel even got in the action by taking one into his room. Yay, for books!!! This is huge.


  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh Rach I am so happy for you! That is awesome for you guys. I can’t wait for the kids to get home and settled in oh I am so happy!

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