6 ways to support a friend’s adoption

Recently, my sister and her husband traveled to Colombia to adopt their new son. Serendipitously, their adoption matched up with our dear friends’ who are also adopting from the same country. In fact, both families traveled at exactly the same time and are each still in-country waiting for their respective adoptions to finalize. Exciting, right?… Continue reading 6 ways to support a friend’s adoption

five simple ways to support host families

Many of my friends and family know someone hosting an “orphan” or two or six the next few weeks. Most of them are so supportive and excited, but they may not know exactly what to say or do to show that support. Others are curious and unsure of this strange thing their church friend or… Continue reading five simple ways to support host families

to the embassy, then “home”

1844Here the kids are staring out the window from our Radisson hotel room wondering where I had gone. After accomplishing passports, doctor’s check, and sending Uncle Brian back home to Utah, we managed to get ourselves to the Embassy to obtain the children’s travel visas. Here’s a little secret about the embassy visit–they really try and… Continue reading to the embassy, then “home”

our last week in bogota…in photos

I thought I would post some fun random pics for everyone, which depict our last few days in Bogota: Around the casa and such: 1598 1608 1614 1620 16591671 17011704 Tio Brian’s wonderful dinners and Smoothies…and Tia Jena’s awesome chocolate drizzled Rice Krispie Treats: 1623165316561665168016831689 Other random pics: 160516111617162616411644164716501668

sentencia and passports

1561 This was quite the day. After visiting the records office three times we finally got Daniela and Juan P.’s birth certificates. And it went quickly. Daniel and I couldn’t believe it. So we rushed to the passport office to stand in line while Brian and Jena wrangled the kids and brought them to meet… Continue reading sentencia and passports