checking it all off

A big thank you to my sister and friends for rallying today. 1. Girls’ bedroom–check 2. Boys’ bedroom–check 3. Costumes–almost check…need to buy one costume 4. Boys’ clothes–check…realizing that I don’t have as many size XS as I thought Beds are made. Walls are decorated. Basics are purchased. And a gift for each nino. We… Continue reading checking it all off

friendly angels

652 What a treat! Jaime Lynne, Jena, and Val all came to help me pack, sort, and put away the children’s clothing before our trip. They also helped organize my craft/school room. My dear friends donated their time and talents to me and my children without me having to ask. I treasure my friendship with… Continue reading friendly angels

my apologies…

My sincerest apologies to my readers for the downer I was yesterday. Although I still agree with everything I wrote, I probably should have waited to write it. As my close friends can attest to, I’ve been surprisingly patient, submissive, and calm the past couple month. I suppose now that we have a travel date,… Continue reading my apologies…

they really are real

491496499502505508Our children are real! What an amazing feeling. And, by the way, they are totally 5, 6, 7, and 8. They are normal, regular, high-energy, excitable KIDS. I know everyone is dying for the details. I’ll do my best… The conference started an hour late due to technical difficulties. Finally, they brought the kids in… Continue reading they really are real


Well, Adam and I are about to talk to our kids for the first time. Yep, in two short hours. I wish I could say I am a ball of emotions or completely beside myself. In all honesty, I feel nothing. I know I still hold on to thoughts of self-preservation that have guarded me… Continue reading befuddled

hey kids

457467Grandma Penning, papi, and I worked really hard on your rooms Monday and Tuesday. We had a blast and accomplished a lot. Papi and I were laughing and working together as we assembled Daniel and Juan Pablo’s beds. It felt good. We can’t wait to fill your rooms with your laughter. We still need to… Continue reading hey kids