butterflies and mountains

Can anyone tell me why the San Jose airport has Free Wi-Fi, but LAX does not? Whatever the reason (and I have a few thoughts on the matter), I am grateful that Costa Rica offers the service. That means I can write this post en route to Bogota. I did have the usual pre-travel jitters, yesterday. It almost felt like adoption butterflies, but I quickly realized it was just anxiety taking hold as I was running out of time to finish my last minute preps. Regardless, all went well and we are almost there. We have one 2 hour flight left and we will touch down in Bogota.

Flying into Costa Rica is amazing. The mountain are spectacular. Although, I am sure the Andes will simply blow me away. The green jungle blankets the landscape. We decided it is very much like Guatemala. And what was Adam’s first response when we began our descent…”I bet there are some really great canyons down there.” *insert canyoneering wife’s roll of the eyes* I am sure he is right though. I know this trip is all about the adoption, but Adam and I haven’t been out of the States together since our honeymoon four years ago. This is a real treat for us…and I can cross South America off of my “seven continent quest.” Jaime Lynne says it is sweet justice that I am the one that finally gets to be out of the country for weeks. But then we decided that with four kids in tow, it’s not really justice–just sweet. 🙂

Okay, we have pictures that I will post from the hotel, which will be accompanied by a tragically funny luggage story…yes, the Rachel travel stories have already begun. I am so in my element here. I am sure that the children will become real to me in a few days, but for now it is absolutely surreal. Because of this, I’ve decided to focus on the awesome parts of traveling that are so dear to my heart. Almost time to board for our last leg. We love everyone so much. Thanks for all of the last minute support. We have received your phone messages and emails, and are grateful (even though I haven’t had much time to respond the past couple of days.)


  1. Holly Cow!!! Can you believe that you are actually on the way? Finally, gettting to see the kids is coming so fast and so slow I am sure. We love you guys! Thomas and Michael can not wait to play with their new friends!!!

  2. Thank heavens for Costa Rica internet! I’m so happy you are physically on your way, finally! You have been on your way emotionally for quite some time, so it’s nice the rest of you can catch up!

  3. I can’t believe you are there! I am so excited for you! Just stay clear of trains in the early morning hours of the night…and don’t forget to hold onto your passport!

  4. p.s….I wish I was off seeing a new country with you…take advantage of it as it will be FOREVER before you get to go again!

  5. All those people who said “Just wait until you have kids…” have no idea what they are saying and how you have been waiting. Thanks for the updates. And thank heavens for internet and InterAct.

    I ditto what Jes said! 🙂

  6. YEAH!! I bet your loving it there by now! I can’t believe you’ve been there a day now! Can’t wait to see pics and I definately can’t wait till you see those kids with your very own eyes! We love you too!

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