a first impression

Hey kids,

Well, we’re at four days and counting. Of course, that is four days until we leave for Bogota. We’re still 10 days away from smothering you with hugs and kisses. I am hard at work on your life-books. Hopefully, you will one day look back at the letters I wrote, the information I gathered , and the adoption entries I created for you and see them all as a gift. I want you to know where you came from and how much you were loved from the beginning. I also want you to see a progression in your papi and me. We love you very much, and we know that love continue to flourish as we grown into a larger family.

Your English tutor, Mario, gave me an update yesterday on how your sessions are going. I am so glad he is finally allowed to meet with you. I plan to help him the entire time I am in Bogota so that we can get a jump start on your English. Mario will be a great help for me the first few weeks since he is obviously fluent in Spanish.

I though I would copy the email here so that you have it one day. Also, I know all of your aunties, grandmas, and others who read this will get a kick out of it.

Hello rachel, how are you?
Today I started the lessons with the kids, we had two hours of class. We saw the vowels, some animals and numbers.
Daniel is a very clever boy and really likes to study. His writing is very good.
Esmeralda is also very smart, and she likes to do things.
Danieladoesn´t like to study very much, she always wants to go to the bathroom to avoid the class, but she is a very good girl and intelligent.
Finally Juan pablo, he is the youngest, he is very hyperactive and a very good boy. He does not know  how to write the letters, so I had to start teaching him how to do it.
That is my first impression of the kids.
Tomorrow I am going to have another class with them. 

Well, there it is, in all its glory. You will always know what my first impression of each of you academically was by the words written in this email. We are so blessed to have the use of the Internet. I would not have seen you moving around and speaking to me without it. I would not have a picture of you on my computer without it. I would not have the myriad of correspondence about things such as broken arms, anxieties, and school updates. We are very blessed little ones. I love you very much.



  1. Yeah! More hyperactive little boys! Last night Carter was driving me crazy at the pioneer days party! I leaned over to Jeremy and said I can’t wait for him to be able to follow and play with the McCracken kids!

  2. Juan Pablo is going to fit in very well with our Boys!!! Can’t to see everyones kids running around playing. It is going to be so much fun!!!That is great news their tutor is meeting with them and you can work with him too!! What a blessing!

  3. Hurry and come to Logan so we can meet the kids! They would fit right in with the little gang that runs the streets. Good luck with everything…I have enjoyed reading your raw emotions written so perfectly. How therapeutic and refreshing- and so REAL, the way you describe every situation. I tell you…it’s just not the same without you here. Really and truly…I know you are “home” now, but it’s not fair that you gave us just a taste of you and then gone. But, that doesn’t take away how happy we are for you and your home and your van (I am partial to the minivan…it makes everyone’s life so much easier!) Keep on keeping on…

  4. I can’t believe how close you are getting. I wish I could jump in your suitcase and come with you. I would love to smother them with hugs. It would be so fun to sit in on and help with their English sessions. Each of their personalities reminds me of my students. My spanish speaking students were the sweetest and some of my favorites. I had one little girl that moved in and spoke zero English. She worked so hard for months and was so sweet. She came in before school everyday so she could practice her new English skills with me. We both cried buckets when she moved to California right before school got out. Oh, they are so sweet and precious- and it is such a miracle to watch them grow and learn.

  5. How ironic that the same thing you went to Africa to do is now coming in handy for you in your personal life. It’s amazing how every decision you make in your life can and does impact you in so many differant ways and you never know if it is preparing you for something amazing years later! I’m glad and I’m sure you are too that you have that background in teaching English to kids that don’t know it and I know your going to be such a blessing in their lives! Wish we were going with you tomorrow! Good luck on your travels, we love you!

  6. In case you don’t read your email, I wanted to let you know that if you decide when you are flying home that you would rather have a place to stay for a night before heading to LV, our door is always open. I don’t even care if all you give me is a few moments notice you are more than welcome to stay.

  7. Congratulations guys. How exciting! We have been home from Bogata 9 days now with our two children Juan Pablo (4) and Maria Isabel (7). Mario was Maria’s tutor while we were in Bogata. He is a great guy and will help your children greatly. Tell him that Maria, Wendy and Steve from Betty’s place said hello. We spent 4 weeks in Bogata (and two in Valledupar) arriving home a week ago Sunday. I don’t know if you got my email (mistabonze1@bellsouth.net) but feel free to contact us if you would like and we can give you some insight. Also our blog is http://canueladoption.blogspot.com/. We posted everyday so you can get a good feel for what you are in for and a bunch of local information in Bogata. I know how you felt with the Raul phone call. We were in the same position!. Good luck, god bless and we look foward to reading your adventures.

  8. What an adventure you are soon to embark on. These children will only be with the tutor for a short time and then YOU will take over their education! They could not be in more capable hands. It will be fun to hear stories of Juan Pablo and his attention-span in primary!!!

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