I love making lists, and the needs list for an adoption is the best. This is the funnest part of adoption prep, in my opinion.ย And the best part is that the ninos are joining in this time. They remember the gifts that they found on their beds when they first came home. This morning, Daniel asked if they can do the same for the new ninos. *sniff sniff*

Here are my lists for today!

What we need:
1. gate and alarm for stairs
2. motion camera for hallway
3. comforters and pillowcases for all three beds
4. Size 3T clothes (girl)
5. Size XS/S or 5/6/7 clothes (boy)
6. Shoes, shoes, shoes
7. Two booster seats for kitchen table
8. Two plastic step stools for kids’ bathroom

To Do:
1. Decorate girls’ room
2. Organize boys’ closet
3. Buy church clothes for Sunday
4. Buy costumes for Halloween
5. Sort through bins of Juan and Danny old clothes

The list continues to grow, and that makes me so happy. Bring on the shopping!

Soon enough I will be in the midst of correcting behaviors and teaching routines. So, for right now, I am just enjoying the few days we have of “getting ready.”


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