checking it all off

A big thank you to my sister and friends for rallying today.

1. Girls’ bedroom–check
2. Boys’ bedroom–check
3. Costumes–almost check…need to buy one costume
4. Boys’ clothes–check…realizing that I don’t have as many size XS as I thought

Beds are made. Walls are decorated. Basics are purchased. And a gift for each nino. We will do some fun shopping with the children this weekend for church clothes, shoes, etc. But other than that we are ready to rock! As ready as we’ll ever be, I guess.

I am seriously so blessed that I have friends and family who do not wait to be asked to help, especially at a time where so much needs done and my brain is racing a million miles a minute. Whether it is tangible help here at the house, or a text from a dear friend far away acknowledging that they wish they were here to help, I really appreciate the support.

So blessed!


  1. I had no idea you guys were joining the world of foster care! We joined last year, up here in Alaska. It was a very fulfilling experience for my family. I’m so excited for your family to get your new ninos! These children will be so blessed to be able to be in a loving home.

  2. Wish I was their to help 🙁 sniff sniff!!

    But so glad you have amazing friends and our awesome sis there to help you!!!

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