457467Grandma Penning, papi, and I worked really hard on your rooms Monday and Tuesday. We had a blast and accomplished a lot. Papi and I were laughing and working together as we assembled Daniel and Juan Pablo’s beds. It felt good. We can’t wait to fill your rooms with your laughter. We still need to hang things on the walls and organize your closets, but we are mostly ready for you.

As papi was putting the bunk-beds together he said, “Rach, we’re like putting bunk-beds together.” I said, “I know, how do you feel about that?” He responded, “I’m scared, but mostly excited.” That sums up how we feel. We are scare, but excited. Pretty soon, the four of you will descend on our house and fill it with messes, tantrums, and quarrels. But you will also fill it with laughter, learning, and love. We are ready and we are waiting for you.

And the best news of the week, we found out that we get to meet you all through a video conference next Thursday. Finally! How cool is that? We actually get three conferences with you before we fly to Bogota. Apparently CRAN has instituted this new policy for families with older children, and we couldn’t be happier.


Well, we are off for a quick trip to Arizona. I’m sure I’ll have more updates the beginning of next week. Moving has been fairly smooth and painless….only because we have amazing friends and family who continue to support us as we wait on pins and needles for a travel date. We are now being told the beginning of August. We can only hope that will come to fruition and quickly.



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