What a day! We saw our children again. They were just as excited and happy as the first time (Adam’s working on the video we recorded). Also, we received our passports back from the Colombian Consulate with our travel visas attached. Could this day have gotten any better? Uh, yeah!

Official Travel Date–August Fifth. Well, that is actually the date we take “possession” of our children. We meet with CRAN officials at our hotel on Monday, the fourth, for an interview. We plan to fly in a few days before so we can be settled and rested. I hope to leave on Thursday the 31st since it is a full day of travel. 

We’re only talking a matter of a week and a half before we board a plane. How surreal is that? I am feeling myself slowly kicking into mission mode today. I am so grateful that we have another week to finish putting everything together here at the house.  

And we get one more visit with the kids next Monday. Apparently, they love to swim and want us to play soccer with them when we get to Bogota. Their favorite food is salad. Yeah, I said salad. Man, are they in for a rude awakening when eating with all their cousins. Daniel and Esmeralda are reading. The other two just started to learn. And they LOVED the photo albums we sent them. They went crazy when we asked if they like them. Man, I these kids are amazing. We’ll post the video and more picture (thanks, J) soon.



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