Meet Juan Pablo, Daniel, Maria Daniela, and Esmeralda!

This is a one minute clip from our 2nd conference with the kids. The sound is horrible, but you can see them. After the first few seconds, they are singing a traditional schoolchildren’s song. They’re having a great time! We have a great time watching it over and over! We have one more video call on Monday of next week and then off we go! Watch and enjoy.



  1. Oh, my goodness they are so darling. They are so excited I love that they acted out the song. I just love Juan Pablo’s grin!!!! Just watching this I just want to gobble them up!!!

  2. I showed Thomas and Michael the video. They got all excited!!! Thomas starting yelling and of course Michael copied “my friends, My friends they speak spanish” He then preceeded to yell every word in Spanish that he knows trying to talk to them. It took awhile for him to understand that just because he could hear them didn’t mean, they coud hear him. I think we the whole name thing figured…finally:)

  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What a smile they bring to my face and I’m sure so many other faces! I am so glad you called me today I havn’t checked blogs for a few days and now there were 3 posts I havn’t seen and the greatest one’s of all too!!! They are so cute and I just love the realness of seeing them on video I can’t get over it! I LOVE MY NEW NIECES AND NEPHEWS THERE THE BEST! Maybe going to the DR in Oct will refresh Brian’s spanish so he can be our translaters when you guys come visit!!! 😉 Can’t wait!

  4. Rachel & Adam! We are so very excited for you. Whenever I stop to think about you or read your blogs, I get all teary-eyed and emotional. Those kids are so cute! Nine months of “pregnancy” and now you are so close to “delivery!” We know that you will be amazing parents. It is no coincidence that these children are being plucked from Colombia to be placed in your home. It’s wonderful that the Lord is so aware and has a plan for each of us. Best wishes on your upcoming travels. We’ll be anxiously watching your blog to keep up with what is happening. And next time we’re in Las Vegas, we’ll make a point of meeting your family.

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