where did the year go?

I just looked up today and Hannah is nine months old. What?!? My oldest Colombian is turning fourteen this summer. Seriously??? I just became a mom six years ago. How is this all possible? I have cataloged so many posts in my mind since Hannah came home from the NICU in October. They are stored… Continue reading where did the year go?

my dearest ezzy girl

899 Out of all four children, you are the one that is the most obedient and the most amiable. I know that some of that comes from your fear of being rejected by me and daddy, but also it is just in your nature. You are unable to stay mad very long, and you are… Continue reading my dearest ezzy girl

Meet Juan Pablo, Daniel, Maria Daniela, and Esmeralda!

This is a one minute clip from our 2nd conference with the kids. The sound is horrible, but you can see them. After the first few seconds, they are singing a traditional schoolchildren’s song. They’re having a great time! We have a great time watching it over and over! We have one more video call… Continue reading Meet Juan Pablo, Daniel, Maria Daniela, and Esmeralda!