dear esmeralda,

I have been thinking about you a lot this week. I hope your broken arm is mending nicely. I can’t wait to hear the story of how you broke it. And I am very sorry that I was not there to kiss it better and hold your hand at the hospital. Mamis are not supposed to miss those events. I’m sure the doctor took good care of you though. By the way, aren’t little boys supposed to be the ones breaking limbs at your age? I guess that shows how tough you are! ūüôā That’s my kind of girl.

Also, Senor Raul says that you love school and that you are an excellent student. I hope you are still minding your teachers and taking advantage of their knowledge. Maybe you can read me a story when I get to Bogota. Papi and I love learning and exploring. I wonder what your favorite subjects are. I secretly hope¬†they are¬†reading and history–those are my favorites. But if they are¬†science¬†and math, Papi will be very proud.

I can’t wait to be your teacher. I can’t wait to explore the earth, in all its magnificence, with you. I can’t wait to read Chronicles of Narnia and The Secret Garden to you. I can’t wait to watch you excel in learning new languages. There is so much to be done and so much to enjoy. Our time together is coming quickly.

Oh yeah, I went shopping today with Tia Jaimee. We went to Old Navy and bought you and your sister two new outfits and two new dresses. The only thing that would have made it more fun is if you and Daniela were with us. I hope you like what we picked out. More than that–I hope¬†the outfits¬†fit.

Ezzy–you are loved. Maybe when you gaze at the twinkling stars or when you feel a soft raindrop kiss your cheek, you feel it somehow. I hope that when you look at our picture you see it. I know how difficult it is to trust someone completely. Why should you believe that these two strangers from the USA are really coming for you? Why should you trust that what everyone is telling you is true? You have been lied to and hurt by adults. I do not blame you one bit if you do not love me, yet, because it is too painful. I am really scared too. Until this week, I¬†was deathly afraid that someone was going to call and say, “just kidding, the Rodriguez children are no longer yours.” But now, I know for sure that I am coming to pick you up. And nothing will stand in my way of loving you. I have never met you, Esmeralda, but I love you as my own–completely.¬†I know that¬†someday very soon¬†you will be able to wink back at the stars and smile at the rain.


  1. Sounds like things went as expected on Friday and that the match is definite! An answer to prayer. I can’t wait either. I hope the girls will let us brush their beautiful hair and put cute things in it….sigh.

  2. Well I had to wait until today to respond to your letter to Ezzy because I just sat here last night crying as I read these beautiful letters to my new little grandchildren. So are we Grandpapi and Grandmami or is it something else that us grandparents are called? I guess I will have to research this because I too want to be prepared for these 4 beautiful little spirits to come to our family. My oh my Ezzy you are truely blessed to receive this wonderful gift of a family who desires to have you, love you, nurture your little spirit here on earth. I too hope those raindrops are felt so I along with your blessed mother can kiss them off your cheek. Time is drawing so close to be given the most wonderful gift and that is of a mami and papi who will love you more than life itself. May God bless your little spirit and keep you safe till we can wrap you in our arms and never let you go. Thanks for being my little grand nina.

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