where did the year go?

I just looked up today and Hannah is nine months old. What?!? My oldest Colombian is turning fourteen this summer. Seriously??? I just became a mom six years ago. How is this all possible? I have cataloged so many posts in my mind since Hannah came home from the NICU in October. They are stored in my memory castle waiting for a few spare moments to be penned.

But for now…

Hannah is rockstar amazing. Growing, developing, thriving. She is a little miracle that has bound our family a little bit tighter.

Annie is still our Sunshine. She brought light into our family when she was three and shines brighter with every passing year. She gracefully allows Hannah to take the baby spot in the family.

Brian is the coolest kid I know. He is liked by everyone and has an innate comedic timing that endears him to everyone. He is gentle and kind and I adore him.

Joseph is thriving through homeschooling. Best decision I’ve made all year. He’s been home for just a month and I already see him flourishing in awareness and kindness. Jo Jo anxiously waits for Monday because he gets Hannah all to himself. He has become quite adept at feeding her. He’s the least messy of all the kids at it.

Juan is so stinkin’ smart. His academic potential has skyrocketed this year. He has grown so much since moving here. He is less volatile. He is more in control. And he is totally rocking school. Highest reader in his grade and tested out at seventh grade math. What?!? Knowing where he came from and the struggles he has had….my closest circle knows how much this means to me.

Nikki is trying hard to reconcile tween status. She is blessed with a teacher this year that has worked with her at her math level….yet pushes her in her writing and other things to do better. Nikki will always significantly struggle with learning and school and we are resolved to do whatever it takes to get her through. She will be homeschooled through middle school so that we have more control over what level of work she is doing.

Ezzy is Amazing…as usual. I intentionally let her go this year…making her do a year of public school. She needed a chance to fly without me. Ez was awarded student of the month for the whole school…and not because of her academics, which are still so low, but because she is the hardest worker her teachers have ever seen. We all know that is true about her, but it is really awesome to see that reinforced by others, as well.

Danny is sooo a teenager. He is so handsome and muscular and athletic. He has a smile that goes on for miles. He has tried really hard this year to take responsibility for his actions and to make good choices. I am so proud of him. It is so difficult to be a teenage boy with different standards than most of the teenagers he is surrounded by.

Phew…I think I’m done. I hope to have a bloggin’ summer. Much to say and discuss and think about. 🙂

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