Out of all four children, you are the one that is the most obedient and the most amiable. I know that some of that comes from your fear of being rejected by me and daddy, but also it is just in your nature. You are unable to stay mad very long, and you are always sorry. Ezzy, you are the first one to “get it.” When one of the other children tests our parental boundaries, you give them a mouthful. You tell them to listen to mommy and daddy or they won’t get to go the park or watch tv or watch a dvd. It is so rewarding to watch you these past 10 days as you grow into the role of nurturer and example. Actually, right at this moment, you are telling me all about Daniel picking on you while the two of you do your homework. I can’t see you, but I know exactly what you are saying. I say, “come show mommy” and you come right over and show me the problem. You are very intuitive.

I am so glad that you have warmed up to me the last four or five days. Although you don’t trust mommies very quickly–which I completely understand–you are giving me a chance, and I think that is very very brave. Since your biggest fear in this adoption is rejection, I respect your willingness to trust me. Here are some fun facts about you:

1. You are daddy’s girl through and through. And when I tell daddy that, he beams from ear to ear. He adores you! You always want to ride on his shoulders and hold his hand. And since you are our most obedient child–he thinks that you are the coolest thing ever.


2. You are our little tomboy, which also makes you daddy’s favorite. Princess Daniela and you cannot be further apart in personalities and differences. Monkey bars and getting dirty are right up your alley. There is no fear in you when it comes to playing, and you would rather wear pants any day.

3. Your handwriting ability is far beyond that of a seven year old. It is absolutely beautiful.

4. You love Power Rangers just as much as Daniel.

5. It only took you about five days for you to say, “I love you” in English unsolicited. You tell everyone “love you” over Skype now. And although you aren’t as young as Daniela you try very hard to repeat the English words I tell you.

6. You love school.

7. You absolutely hate ketchup and cheese (are you sure you’re not my biological child?).



Ezzy is such a good girl. She really has warmed up to me. I love it. She grabs for my hand now, and she comes up and snuggles with me. Ezzy is such a happy child. She is definitely our easiest. And she is our little klutz. I think she has 20 bumps and bruises right now from playing and falling. She’s the awkward duckling that will be gorgeous in about 8 years. As soon as she learns that we’re calling her clumsy all the time, we’ll have to come up with a code word. 🙂 


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