day 10-13, in pictures

Watching the Jungle Book, and taking out hair bands:


Let’s blow some bubbles:


Skyping with friends:


Going to Church and teaching the munchkins to pray:



  1. Wow your girls look so beautiful, all ready for church! Although your words are so amazing, I can get enough of the cute pictures!!! I love the one of the missionaries! How great that these kids get a chance to learn the gospel and be sealed as a family forever!

  2. I’m with Val on this one I love the picture with the missionaries it was my favorite! Just such a comforting and peaceful feeling when seeing it! They look so good in there church clothes and looks like they liked them too!

  3. I love it more more more I love looking at these kids they are adorable. And to see them snuggling and loving on yall just makes my heart full. So do the boys not like their dress shoes? I noticed them in the tennis shoes at church. Not saying that isn’t normal cause I see TS at church all the time on the decons. How cool that the missionaries are visiting let us know how that is going and how the kids took to them!

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