I know you would rather look than listen so here you go:


Before the meltdown….ice cream cones at Unicentro Mall


After, or should I say during, the meltdown…

The 30 second version: Juan P. decided to have one of his epic tantrums at the mall last week (the day we went to Bienstar to start our court process). Basically, after 30 minutes of hitting, kicking, pinching, biting, oh yeah, and screaming, he decided to spit on daddy when I was in the bathroom with the girls. So Adam took his shirt off to wipe the spit away. Then he refused to put his shirt back on. We said, “that’s it,” and marched him out of the mall over Adam’s shoulders shirtless!!! I LOVE IT. Of course, everyone was staring at us, which I didn’t mind. But when we got outside he continued to refuse. So grandma and I took the other three kids to buy some new coloring books. Juan P. still screamed and screamed and screamed for another 1/2 hour–but he was not going to win. Adam finally took him behind the mall so people at the entrance wouldn’t be bothered. Well, when we got back to daddy there was a crowd gathered around including THREE security officers. Apparently, the security guard actually asked Juan if he knew who “this man” was and if he wanted the police to come and get him. Luckily Juan P. said, “no.” That’s reassuring. After the other kids saw what was going on they started yelling at Juan P. for not listening to mommy and daddy and for being such a baby. At that point the security guard ‘got it.’ Anyway, we’re glad we had the custody papers in tow from our morning appointment. He didn’t take a report, but he was about to. It’s a good thing I showed up with three other brown babies when I did. Can you imagine?


We used our “Go Fish” and “Old Maid” cards to play a matching game. The two younger ones were entertained for a couple of hours with it.


We’re very grateful for the king-sized bed….morning cartoons and movies are always a hit.


Juan P. earned his park privileges back the other day, but as you can see, the kite is as big as he is (we laughed for hours about it)


La Fuentes…who knew that fountains outside of a bank would cause such a stir. Juan P. was literally scared until Adam and I started walking around the edges. And the funny thing is that it was Daniel’s idea–and he was the only one that didn’t get to go. I suppose mouthing off to his mother won’t get him very far in this family! 🙂


Abuelito Arrives!!! We promised the kids that we would take them back to Jeno’s Pizza when grandpa got here—so where do you think they reminded us we needed to go to dinner the first night? No matter the language, kids never forget. 🙂 Jeno’s is like Chucky Cheese except that the slides and games are free…and for those coming to Bogota it is cheaper than Archie’s (although Archie’s has the benefit of letting the kids make their own pizzas) Anyway, we could spend, and have spent, three hours there because there is so much to do. Plus, it’s practically next door to our complex. We’ll have to again when the “aunties” come.



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