panaca sabana…a must do for little kids


The things you do for your children! How did Adam get camera duty for this one, I ask? For those who have been to the American West Heritage Center in Utah, this excursion was like that only about three times bigger. For those who haven’t been, Panaca is the biggest “petting” zoo I’ve ever seen. Our local friend, Ceci, calls it “The Farm.” They’ve been three times in six months and their girls just love it. It’s about an hour drive outside of the city. The scenery is spectacular. And there are yummy places on site to eat lunch. We spent the entire day, and still didn’t see everything.

Here are some of my favorite pics:


The kids milked cows, petted pigs, held bunnies, climbed walls, played with dogs, rode donkeys, and much much more. We paid for two shows–a pig racing show, and a dog trick show. Adam really wanted to pay for the kids “adventure” pass–zip lining, horseback riding etc.–but the children had to be 12 years old. We’re still a few years away. Of course, Adam asked if he could do it w/o them….he’s going through major canyoneering withdrawals. Grandpa Penning bought the children pinwheels at the very end of the day–and the kids ran up and down, up and down, watching the wheels blow in the wind—sooo cool.



Well, that about covers it. For our friends in Las Vegas–the children are totally fearless of heights. They are scared of dogs, but a climbing wall–they were all over it. So much fun awaits these kiddos in the States. They have no idea. We did head to Baskin Robins after since they were soooo good all day. I let them order whatever they wanted, and what they ordered was soooo gross–giant sundaes with gummy bears and m&ms, and crazy ice cream flavors. Whatev…they ate it.  And they crashed when we got home. Beautiful!!! Click here to see all of the pics.


  1. It is so fun to see the kids getting to be kids!!! And yes, do anything that will make them crash. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping, wore out kid, especially when there are four!!!!
    I can not tell you all the things you do for your kids! That maybe at one point in time, you thought never. As crazy as those things can be I am so glad that I did them. It was a lot more fun than sitting on the side line taking pictures ;). Love you guys!

  2. I love it! Did you drink the milk after milking it? Is that why you have the cup!? I loved feeding calves with bottles when I was a kid! What a fun place!
    I am so glad that they all behaved so well! Yeah for that!
    Such cuties!!

  3. Jeremy will help Adam with the canyoneering withdrawals! He has been practicing and his ankles are doing well!!! 🙂 Cant wait to meet the little ones…I am practicing some spanish as well….

  4. The pic of the kids with the pinwheels is one of the greatest photos I have ever seen anywhere. I love it. There seem to be five children in the picture, though. Did you pick up an extra for me or for Jes? 🙂

    I am so sad that Adam is having canyoneering withdrawals. Robert and the guys will be happy to help him overcome those the minute he returns.

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