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The Pig Show

Stubborn Girl



  1. It is so fun to see them moving and living and experiencing life on screen like this. Abuelito… those pinwheels were a fantastic idea. You win the grandfather of the year award for sure!!!

  2. They are so tall!!! I love watching them in action. You can really see their personalities! I love how little sis wants to do what the others are doing, but can not have help, has to be a big girl. I love it. Rach, I was looking at pitures and I knew how much you and your mom look alike, but what I thought was really cute is that you have similar mannerisms! You have the same camera wave!!!! Your little darlings are precious!

  3. I hope all of that running made them good and tired!
    Did Daniela want to do it herself or was she just being a stinker?
    I love to see them too, wow they are awesome!

  4. What fun video! They are so cute! Ezzie is bigger then I imagined. Dave and I were looking at all the rock climbing shoes and can’t wait to go take them to red rock!

  5. We were just watching the videos and Justin walked up as the stubborn girl one was on and he says, “How many kids do they have?”

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