day five–church in colombia


Sunday we spent at church. It was a pretty relaxed day. Oh, we did look at one other apartment too, but I think it is too small for the eight of us. Everyone at church was so very nice. Daniel Trujillo, our new friend and translator, came over to the hotel and rode in the taxi with us so we could find our way a bit easier. Daniel is fabulous. His English is amazing. He learned English in school and then lived in Los Angeles for two years (serving a mission). He is currently studying political science, which works out perfectly for us because his time is flexible. I’ll post a picture of him later this week.

My thoughts on Sunday were turned toward our CRAN meeting on Monday. I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids all day. Being here almost a week before receiving the children was so smart, in my opinion. We are comfortable with the currency and with the transportation system. We know our way around the area of town we will be staying. We know how to get to church, and what we should pay for a taxi. And let’s be honest, it has been nice to do a few things without the children  in tow–not that I want to go on without them.

A couple of pics on our walk home from church:



  1. Robert here…

    I love the pictures!! how was sitting through an entire chruch session in a different language…I’ll bet the members were so happy to have you!!!

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