We had our “meeting” this morning in the hotel lobby. CRAN’s director, Ximena, is a wonderful lady. We are so glad to finally have met her. She brought with her Maria Cristina, Wynette, and Jairo who are the children’s psychologists and social worker. Wow, I was so impressed with the details they were able to give on each child. We found out that the children, although living at the same facility, have been housed in separate buildings according to age. This means they only see each other about once aweek. Of course, they have seen each other much more since adoption preparations started. They are excited about the adoption, but the past week they have each been very anxious–not really sure what to expect now that it is closer.

As they were talking about the children these are my favorite adjectives that popped up:

Daniel–Reflective, Esmaralda–Vulnerable, Daniela–Complicate, and Juan Pablo–Excitable

How cool is that? This is exactly how I would have pegged each child and I haven’t met any of them in person yet. Apparently, Daniela is the most excited about the adoption. She has had the most questions. Ezzy has had the most concerns. She is afraid of another family abandoning her. She needs lots of reassurance and love. Juan Pablo has created a little imaginary world for himself. He refers to people as princes and princesses. But he has identified with Adam and is waiting for Adam to come pick him up and take him away. He understands he is leaving and gaining a family. And Daniel is also very excited. He is more relaxed about things now, and is very eager to learn. He and Ezzy both want to do well on their schoolwork.

I guess that is about it for the meeting. Oh yeah, the kids each made a book for us to tell us about themselves and what their specific needs are–very clever on the psychologist’s part. We also have a book the adults put together for us, which include some priceless pictures of each child. There are some very young photos of Juan Pablo. He has been in the orphanage full-time since he was two. He and Daniela have no immediate memory of their past lives. Ezzy, and especially Daniel, have some memories. It will be interesting to hear what they remember as language and trust come along with all of us.

So it is finally here. When we wake up we will be on our way to get the children. Adam has already pressed his new yellow shirt. He has a haircut scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning so he can look his best. We are supposed to bring one gift to give each of the children. I chose the olive-skinned barbie dolls for the girls. Adam chose the hot wheels for the boys. We also sent their backpacks with the CRAN workers today. We emptied them out so the children could pack the few things they are allowed to take. I think that is pretty cool because they now know that we really are here and that we really will see them tomorrow.

Mario emailed and said English Class was fairly unproductive because all the children could talk about was tomorrow!!!!

One more note, when the children received their photo albums from us a few months ago, they were all together and the caretakers got it on tape. Apparently, the children were so excited that they told the caretakers that their new parents were much prettier then them. Okay, I know that’s not really true, and I know the kids were just excited….but how cute???????

Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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